The Soul Dancer 

Move, Express, Heal

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Meet Mariam

Hi! I am Mariam. A free-spirited traveling Yoga Teacher, passionate about movement, art, and music; a good piece of music driving the body through intuitive movement, creating a masterpiece of body art.

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My Offerings

I believe the greatest form of expressing love is through service. Service is when we think of others more than we do of ourselves. I offer my teachings to serve my students and to express gratitude to my teachers.

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Free Movement

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Yoga for Athletes

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  • 1 hr

    65 US dollars
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What Students Say

"Between the fear of facing your weaknesses and the hope to become the best version of yourself, the way is hard. Mariam finds the balance to lead you to your success with trust and faith. She follows your rhythm and at the same time, she encourages you forward without pushing too hard. "

Violaine Marcha



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"